The holidays have been known to be the “best time of the year,” however it’s probably not the best time of the year for your body. As we get busy around this time of year, we often skip the gym and instead sit down with some delicious, but not so nutritious food. What that means for us is that we will probably gain a few extra pounds or lose some muscle density that we’ve worked hard to maintain. Don’t get discouraged! Because we have tips for you to get back to your old self in no time!

1. Take It One Pound At A Time 

It’s good to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself instead of setting yourself up for failure and discouragement. It is suggested that you attempt to lose one pound per week. You’ll have to cut a minimum of 500 calories through diet and exercise each day. Try to really follow the next few tips in order to meet that 500 calorie cut down.


2. Mix Up Your Daily Dose of OJ 

A daily dose of orange juice is perfect for consuming necessary vitamin C, but you could also benefit from a few reduced calories in your drink. So instead of filling your eight ounce cups all the way, fill it halfway (four ounces) and fill the rest with seltzer. You’ll save 61 calories, slightly under 500 a week.


3. Try High Intensity Interval Workouts

You don’t have to spend long hours at the gym to meet your weight goals. You simply need to know the right strategies. You can burn up to 500 calories within 25 minutes with high intensity interval workouts. Learn more here.

4. Choose The Dark Side

If your daily go-to snack is a pack of milk chocolate M&M’s, then you should make the switch to dark chocolate. Eat two squares of dark chocolate and you’ll eliminate up to 600 calories. Plus, dark chocolate has proven to help keep you heart healthy and boost your mood.


5. Swap Out Your Breakfast Go-To 

You should be cutting calories wherever you can, but one simple adjustment you can make is to your morning breakfast routine. Change out that bagel for an English muffin and that butter for an avocado spread. You’ll slash around 300 calories just right there. And if you’re not big on toast, then find other creative ways to make small adjustments to your morning meal like using a less fat-concentrated milk in your cereal.


6. Get Up From Your Desk

Even if you’re not back at work just yet, you want to keep moving. Sitting on the couch all day, even if you went to the gym won’t help you any. Standing will help you burn 40 more calories than the average 100 while sitting. It may not seem like much, but if you stand for at least two hours a day, you could cut 560 calories by the end of the week. So whether you’re at the office or at home, don’t be still for too long!


Follow these tips and you’ll be back to your old self in little to no time. You might even be healthier!