It’s SAD  that so many Americans are sick. It’s also SAD that many people don’t realize just how bad they feel. When they start feeling horrible, they go to a doctor who checks them over. Everything is fine, but many are sent home with a prescription for a statin drug, a proton pump inhibitor commonly known as an antacid drug, and a recommendation to lose a few pounds and exercise more. As the doctor is writing the prescriptions, you note that he is overweight and looks like how you feel. Then, the AHA! Moment.  He or she is as sick as you are. The only thing is, neither of you are sick. You’re simply eating wrong. And that’s where the SADness comes in. SAD stands for the”Standard American Diet.”  Americans are eating to satiate hunger, not to promote health.   

Does your day start off with coffee, a fake creamer with possibly a bit of sugar added, a donut or other pastry, or cereal? Does lunch consist of a hamburger, fries, soft drink, and maybe a treat for dessert? And, when you get home, you order a pizza for dinner because there is no time to cook a nice healthy meal. I know you don’t eat the exact health-killing diet, but it’s close, right?


That is what is wrong with you and probably your doctor! It’s time to eat healthier. Not everyone is going to eat a 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan diet, but eating more fruits and vegetables, less meat, and definitely less sugar will go a long way to healing your body. No drugs needed!  Add good fats like fish oil, avocado, flax, coconut oil, and walk 4 times a week. An occasional “slip” by eating junk food won’t hurt. Just get back on track!