Let’s kick this sugar addiction guide off with a very important note – ANYONE can be addicted to sugar. Yes, this could mean you, even though you follow a generally “healthy” diet and don’t have a sweet tooth.

So don’t ignore this information thinking that you can’t be addicted to sugar just because you don’t eat lots of cake, candy and cookies.

Sugar addiction isn’t always about eating too many sweets (although that is, of course, one sign that you’re addicted!) The truth is that you can get addicted to sugar even if you don’t have what you consider to be a “sweet tooth”.

Firstly, a number of foods in this day and age are made with hidden sugars. Even foods that we thought were “healthy”! Ready made pasta sauces, cereal bars, smoothies and more. They all contain sugar and they can all contribute to an addiction.

In fact, if you regularly find yourself craving things like french fries and chips, this is another strong sign that you could be addicted to sugar. Why? Because these are starchy foods that your body will break down into sugar. They can have a similar effect to eating sugary foods.

So now you know that a huge number of foods can contribute to a sugar addiction, look out for the next post on understanding the signs of addiction.