You work hard during the day; at night you deserve to take a break, relax, and get some rest. But how tired is too tired? If you come home so beat that you don’t even want to get up and move, you shouldn’t lie around waiting to feel better. You should get up and do something about your fatigue. Why not try a great natural energy booster? Grape juice.

The most obvious way grape juice helps fatigue is by adding iron to your diet. Iron deficiency is common, especially in women. It can cause severe fatigue and leave you feeling completely burnt out. don’t drink dark grape juices if you are anemic (low on iron). Dark grape juices contain chemicals that can actually lower the level of iron in your system, worsening the problem. Stick to white or light grape juice for the best iron boost. If your feeling extra tired after a workout, you probably need to replenish iron lost from sweating. Drinking grape juice will not only give you more energy, but also help with muscle fatigue as well.

Have you ever noticed how tired you get when your feeling under the weather? If your constantly feeling burnt out, it may be because your immune system isn’t working properly due to poor diet or excessive stress. You’ve probably heard that wine contains powerful antioxidants that help keep your healthy; well, grape juice contains antioxidants as well but doesn’t make your drowsy like alcohol can. If you drink it regularly, these antioxidants can help boost your immune system, leaving you feeling healthy and energized. Antioxidants have also been shown to fight heart disease, prevent Alzheimer’s, and decrease the signs of aging.

You should be wary of drinking grape juice if you have a specific disorder that is causing your fatigue. People with fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatic, and chronic fatigue syndrome are actually cautioned against drinking grape juice because it contains too much sugar and can actually worsen fatigue.

When using grape juice to fight fatigue, you should be careful what brand you choose. Many juices are actually grape drinks or cocktails. These beverages have extra sugar added to them. While sugar may give you a boost in the short term, eventually your high will wear off. You’ll probably crash and feel even more burnt out than you were in the first place. For the most benefit, find 100% grape juices with all natural ingredients. If you cannot find a brand you like, just get some grapes and make your own.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just deal with your fatigue, beat it and improve your health at the same time with and energizing glass of grape juice.