Life and work can become stressful. Everyone needs a way to unwind and take their mind off of things. How about trying a hobby or two?

Many people discount hobbies as a waste of time, but maybe they have never tried them. A hobby can be categorized as any activity that brings a reward beyond monetary, enriches your life, provides mental stimulation and, most of all, relieves stress. It gives you time away from ordinary activities that you have to do and frees you up to do something that you want to do.

A hobby occupies the mind in new ways. Television is not considered a hobby because there is no occupation of the mind. You are entertained through visual stimulus but that doesn’t create new pathways in the brain. The mind could still be brooding over a problem at work even though the eyes are trained on the screen.

Hobbies can enhance your life. Choose well so that you can reap many years of joy from it.