Every company today seems to be marketing a new product that can make you look and feel younger. You can find them all over billboards, magazines, T.V. and the internet. So why are there so many products claiming to take ten years off? Simple, most people are willing to spend lots of time and money searching for the proverbial fountain of youth. If you’’re one of these people, then I have a great secret to share with you. Instead of spending late nights buying creams and pills; put you wallet or pocketbook away and go to bed. If you want to look and feel younger, than look no further than a good night’s rest.

Who looks younger a healthy person, or a sick person? Chances are you answered “the healthy person”. Being sick can make you look old and haggard. Well, one big side effect of sleep deprivation is that it can severely compromise your immune system, making you get sick more often. Sleeping keeps you healthy and looking great.

Even if you don’’t catch colds or other illnesses a lot; if you’’re not getting enough sleep your body isn’’t as healthy as it could be. Stage 4, or deep sleep, helps restore and renew the cells of our bodily organs. This helps them function properly and lets the body work as efficiently as possible. If our organs don’’t work properly, it can take a toll on our physical appearance. That means you don’’t look as good as you could. Plus, even if you’re not sick, you probably won’’t feel as healthy as you might if you had enough sleep.

So you already know that deep, restorative sleep helps renew organ tissue and keep them in peak condition, but do you know what your body’s largest organ is? If you said skin, you’’re absolutely right. And what’s the most important factor in determining how young or old you look? Your skin! Proper sleep will allow old, dead skin cells to be replaced with beautiful, fresh, new skin cells quickly and efficiently. This will leave you and your skin looking younger.

Have you ever noticed that when you’’re in a bad mood, depressed, or just not feeling good about life, you don’’t look as good? It’s not just your perception, how you feel affects facial expressions, body posture, and other factors that determine how we look. When you’’re well rested, you feel younger; and when you feel younger you look younger.

So how much sleep is enough to keep you looking and feeling younger? Well, that depends on you. Generally it’s recommended that adults get 8 hours of sleep; however, there are people who can function just fine on less. Others need at least 9 hours of sleep to feel refreshed. If you feel tired and sluggish in the morning, or require an alarm clock to get up (yes, I’m serious); you’’re not getting enough sleep. If you get as much sleep as your body will allow and still feel sluggish in the morning, you may have a serious sleep disorder and should see a doctor.
So if you want to look younger and feel better, head to bed.