Fat. We hate that word. Nobody wants to hear that word. Say it again. Fat. It just sounds gross and like something you want to turn around and run away from. But, not actually since many of the most delicious foods we crave have fat.

However, if I told you that you could feel great about a fatty meal, would you believe me? Well the studies back me up. According to Dr. Mercola, Omega-3 fats are essential to your health and overall health. Multiple studies have confirmed that the consumption of omega-3 rich foods can lower your risk of a fatal heart attack by as much as 10 percent.

Still not convinced that you can eat some amazing foods while reaping the benefits? Well maybe these facts will convince you otherwise.

Foods rich in healthy fats do more than just prevent heart disease.

Have healthier and stronger bones, improve your mood, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, kidney disease and more by indulging in foods like avocado, butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, walnuts and salmon.

In addition, you can lower bad cholesterol, shed excess weight, and have healthy hair and nails.

More guacamole, please!

These fatty foods are “essential” because your body cannot make them.

Marine animal omega-3s (EPA/DHA) are especially essential for your body in order to complete functions of digestion, muscle activity, blood clotting, and basic cell division and function of cell receptors.

Even though many people believe that you can substitute EPA/DHA with plant-based omega-3 (ALA), only about 1-3 percent will be converted to EPA/DHA in the body. ALA is pervasive in an average diet, thus there is not a drastic change in benefit.

So don’t be afraid to pick up your favorite seafood on the way home.

It’s easy to integrate these fats into your everyday diet.

You might find that you already enjoy many of these fatty foods on a daily basis. That’s great! Now, you just have to be aware of your intake and make conscious decisions about separating the “good” fats from the “bad” fats. Don’t get too carried away and justify every fatty meal you have.

Dr. Axe recommends about 1,000 milligrams of EPA/DHA and about 4,000 milligrams of ALA/EPA/DHA combined. Track your intake on popular health apps, like Wholesome. Some apps will even let you “compete” against your friends.

This health tip is a win-win.

There’s no reason that you shouldn’t try eating healthy fats. If you’re not looking to lose weight or gain strength, then you will at least be on the path to a long and healthy life. It’s easy, simple to understand, and beneficial in more ways than one.

But if you’re still afraid that you can’t do it or that this is all too good to be true, you may want to consider using fish oil supplements. Dr. Axe suggests one that is made from wild-caught pacific salmon for high levels of EPA/DHA.

There’s no reason you can’t start the day with some avocado and toast, take some walnuts to the office, and have some salmon for dinner. You won’t be able to regret taking a hold of your health, heart and life.