Food, especially healthy ones, can be difficult to choose when you have children or picky eaters in your house. Babies and children in particular can be fussy about what they like or want to eat, so buying healthy foods isn’t always a first choice when shopping for them. Super foods in particular, such as broccoli and other vegetables, are next to impossible to get your child or baby to eat in some cases. However, there are some tactics you can try that might appeal more to your child or baby and get them to eat foods that are healthier for them!

The properties that most appeal to children and babies are the texture and color of food. Some are more partial to certain colors or textures, so finding out what your child likes would be beneficial in helping you decide how to prepare their food. Cutting certain foods into shapes, such as stars, circles, triangles or squares might appeal to your child and they would be more prone to picking it up and trying it. The texture is also important. If a child or baby doesn’t like the texture of cooked broccoli, cutting it small and having them try it raw (given they’re old enough) might yield good results as well.

At the same time, you can try giving your child different foods with ‘super’ properties and appeal to their taste in foods. If your child or baby doesn’t like vegetables, there are many different fruits with the same benefits as the vegetables, and sometimes more! These can include the acai berry, blueberries, pomegranate, kiwi, pumpkin and much more! Many of these are rather versatile and provide a range of uses. You can mix them with other fruits your child or baby likes and make a smoothie. They get the same benefits, and it tastes great!

For those with older children that can easily consume solid foods, you can even tempt them with certain proteins. This includes salmon, eggs and turkey. This can be combined with the many different grains that have ‘super’ benefits such as beans, barley, nuts, sea salt, garlic and oats.

When it comes to getting your child or baby to eat healthier and get essential vitamins and nutrients to help them grow up strong and healthy, it all comes down to their taste. As their parent, you know better than anyone else what appeals to your child and what doesn’t. Using this knowledge, check out all the different foods that provide a source of great essential nutrients and benefits that have been deemed ‘super foods’ and try to make a meal plan that will help your child get all the nutrients they need while still making it tasty and enjoyable.

Finding out what your child prefers with certain super foods will help you in the long run, and them as well, as they become healthier and stronger. Starting now will only increase their chances of becoming a healthy adult and getting them the nutrients they need.