Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a supplement and your weight would just melt away? Doctors, scientists and companies have been looking for this magic ingredient for decades. The truth is that there’s no magic pill. There are, however, natural fat burning remedies that can help the process along. Here are some great natural fat burning remedies to try.
#1.Green tea. Green tea has long been used as an aid for inflammation. It also helps with digestion, boosts immunity, and it helps detoxify your body. In addition to all of those wonderful things, it also is a diuretic, an appetite suppressant, and it helps you burn fat. A compound in green tea actually increases your metabolism. You burn more calories. Drink a few cups of green tea daily.
#2.Tumeric. Tumeric is a spice found in many Indian foods. It’s also found in mustard. This spice is great for reducing inflammation in the body. When you reduce inflammation you may actually look and feel thinner. Additionally, the curcumen in turmeric regulates your blood sugar. This means you have even energy and reduced cravings for sweets and starchy carbohydrates.
#3. Vitamin D. There have been many studies on vitamin D lately. Studies have found that people with normal levels of vitamin D lose weight faster than those who are deficient. Get some sunshine and take your D!
#4. Vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential for metabolism and cellular health. It also helps boost your mood and manage stress better. If you’re in a good mood and relaxed, your metabolism will behumming and losing weight will be much easier.
#5.Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. This acid actually slows down how your body absorbs carbohydrates into your blood stream. When this happens your body may need to turn to your fat stores for energy. In addition to burning more fat, you also have more even blood sugar levels. This means a more even level of energy, fewer cravings and weight loss.
Finally, while it’s not a remedy, sleep is important to weight loss. When you get a good night’s sleep you have much more energy for the next day. You are better able to manage stress and make better decisions about your health. Your body regenerates while you sleep. Your hormone levels drop with inadequate sleep, and you wake feeling hungry, tired and craving sweets and starchy carbs.
Your metabolism may actually slow down with poor sleep. Studies have shown that women who get poor sleep actually gain five pounds more than those who get a good night’s sleep. Experts recommend at least seven hours of sleep a night.
Losing weight and burning fat doesn’t happen overnight. However, with a few simple natural remedies, a healthy diet and exercise you can achieve your weight loss goals.