Reasons to eat organicHave you ever wondered if buying organic is actually worth the extra expense? Well, if you consider your health to be a priority, then eating organic certainly is worth it! There is growing research that points in the direction of organic foods if you want a more nutritious and less dangerous meal. Dangerous? Why do we say dangerous? Because, simply put, non-organic pesticide-treated foods, contain detrimental health elements that could lead to serious health effects.


Consider The Long Game 

Choosing organic foods over other manufactured foods is beneficial in that you won’t expose yourself to harmful pesticides and insecticides. The conclusions of a recent study conducted by the European Parliamentary Research Service have determined that evading these dangerous elements will improve meal nutritional value, decrease risk of disease, and elevate early childhood development. In addition, your dietary patterns can be vastly improved by choosing organic.


Furthermore, pesticide-exposed food has demonstrated time and time again the presence of cadmium. Cadmium is a known carcinogen, capable of causing cancer. There are no safe levels of cadmium and once you absorb it, your body retains it over your lifetime, unless you take steps to remove it. Cadmium is highly toxic for your kidneys and can trigger bone demineralization and can increase your risk of fatal lung cancer. Moreover, the presence of cadmium can affect your prostate health, blood pressure, and testosterone levels.


If you are eating inorganic foods, then you may not see any drastic results in the short term, but in the long term, you might wish that you had chosen wisely.


Choose Organic For Your Children

Other studies have concluded that foods with pesticide-exposure had a negative effect on child cognitive development. These effects could be minimized by eating organic foods, particularly during time of pregnancy. So if you have young children, or even older children, it’s wise to keep them healthy by choosing organic foods to give them the best head start to a healthy life.


More Benefits

Aside from avoiding risky health issues, choosing organic can help you with weight maintenance. Obesity is one of the greatest concerns for Americans. Additionally, obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes.


If your child is experiencing allergic reactions to foods and they have never had a history with allergies, these could be stemming from inorganic foods. This is also true for adults. So switching to organic may help you enjoy some of your favorite foods without uncomfortable drawbacks.


Finally, the environment benefits from organic farming practices as chemically produced elements steer far from crops and in turn positively impact the bee population, whom are key pollinators needed to grow crops and currently face risk of extinction.




As the public begins to come aware of the numerous chemical hazards that are used in typical market foods, the demand for organic options has grown at a tremendous rate. A recent report even indicated that 17 of the top 20 retailers are not meeting consumer demand.


So next time you go shopping, choose the organic option for your health and let your retailer know that you want more organic options. You’ll not only be helping your health and the community, but also the environment.