Healthy living is something most of us are seeking. Many of us already exercise and try to eat right, and that is a great start to healthier living. Here are two great tips that will take you to a new level of healthy living.

#1 Take Your Vitamins
Every day you should take a the right supplements that work for your body. Some people need more than just a daily multivitamin. Eating healthy is essential, but we don’t always get everything we need from our foods, and so taking a daily multivitamin makes sense. Research has shown that when you use quality, nutritional supplements it can help you in achieving optimal health.

A recent study by Wyeth Consumer Health found that older adults taking a daily multivitamin was an inexpensive but powerful way to stay healthy. The group also studied how taking multivitamins affected five diseases: diabetes, coronary artery disease, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, and colorectal cancer.

The researchers estimated that giving a daily multivitamin to the elderly could potentially save in health care cost of approximately $1.6 billion in a five year period, as well as avoidable hospitalization for heart attacks of approximately $2.4 billion.

#2 Take the Time to Connect With Others
We are social beings by our very nature. We create families, nurture our young, and identify ourselves with social groups we are part of. Connection with others and forming important bonds of communication, spiritual health, intimacy, and emotional well being are as important as eating a healthy diet, when it comes to nourishing our bodies.

The world we live in connects us in so many different ways at a technical level. However, the closeness we find with people in our day-to-day lives is actually diminishing. Many spend their days surrounded by people but little communication occurs. Many people feel isolated because of this.

Physical touch is very important and you cannot get that from your cyber friends. Studies dating back to the 1930s showed infants who are touched grow faster than those who are just left lying in the cribs. Being touched affects our brains and our nervous system.

That’s just two great tips that many people are not aware of that can play a major role in improving your life and longevity. When it comes to your health, always think outside the box. While nutrition and exercise are two very important components to healthier living, there are many other things that can ensure you remain healthy now and for years to come.