Everyone needs a job. Hopefully you have a job that you enjoy. But, even if you do, stress can become a factor in your life.

We can control our reaction to situations but not anyone else’s. Often, in the workplace, it is this wildcard response that can help to add stress to our normally productive lives.

Here are a few stress-busting tips

Add humor to your day – Instead of buying into the bad mood or sour attitude of others, stay upbeat. Tell yourself a joke. If you work on a computer, subscribe to a joke-a-day website so that you get daily injections of humor to lighten the mood and alleviate pressure.

Organize your desk – If you are in a hurry, it is nice to be able to place your hand on exactly what you need. Even if a messy desk is the sign of an organized mind, it can still place added pressure on you that is not necessary. If you are naturally disorganized, try using labels to keep up with important documents.

Get exercise – You can take a short walk at lunchtime or use a stepper to keep your feet moving as you work. Increasing your oxygen levels improves cardiovascular fitness and boosts clarity, immunity and problem-solving skills.

Even the best jobs can be stressful at times. Keep your stress level to a minimum with these handy tips.