Many people are already aware of the fact that there are super foods that are circling the globe. These foods are deemed ’super’ due to the fact that they’re very rich in antioxidants and have certain disease fighting properties, as well as many other crucial benefits. However, some people are only aware of the super foods they see on TV or in the store with the title. Most don’t know that there are natural and healthy super foods right in your local supermarket that haven’t gone through the processing the ones you find on power bars and juices go through.

Most of these natural super foods are in the vegetable family, though there are some that certainly aren’t. A few of these include Broccoli, Melons, Okra, Carrots, Alliums, Citrus and even Dark Chocolate! Each has its own set of benefits, though they’re the same in essentials. And by that I mean essential vitamins. Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of people that lack essential vitamins and minerals in their system. These include Vitamin C, folic acid, various B vitamins and carotenoids. The list doesn’t stop at vegetables either. There are many fruits including blueberries, oranges and apples that provide the same great benefits as any other super food does. Imagine eating the simple foods you enjoy and becoming healthier just by ingesting the antioxidants and disease fighting properties they hold!

A little bit of research can come up with a whole list of different foods that can be found in your local grocery store that are generally much cheaper than the already processed super foods. And especially if anything is something you rather enjoy, you can incorporate these natural super foods in dishes as main ingredients or just garnishes.

Although they have become increasingly popular, super foods are still not well known to many people all across the globe. There are many different variations of super foods, as they come from different plants and sources. The way it is processed and manufactured is also taken into account and can cause subtle variations as well. But what exactly do super foods do?

First, you have to be aware that the benefits of consuming these products is what gives it the title ’super food’. The reason for this is seen in the benefits themselves. This depends on what super food you’re talking about specifically, but most have the same general benefits. This includes increasing metabolism, providing a multitude of antioxidants, and containing many different essential nutrients vital to body function. They are used all across the world as a dietary supplement because of it’s ability to increase your metabolism thus stamina and energy. But they’re also used to battle disease and keep your body healthy and in top shape.

Many everyday foods have been deemed ’super’, because they provide many of the benefits listed above. However, some companies have worked to compile some of the best benefits from specific plants, such as the acai, and sell it as a supplement. Others include resveratrol, the goji berry, and maqui berry. The list doesn’t end there and just a bit of research proves this.