In the realm of political America, the concern over Hillary Clinton’s health is interesting. People are debating whether or not she’s seriously ill. Aside from the fun certain people get from deliberating how fit she is for presidential candidacy, we could say that this situation is a sound reminder to take care of our own health. This way we can rock the world well past 65.

Maintaining your health is often times seen as too difficult or inconvenient, but it continues to be the most important lifestyle decision for you and your loved ones. You can get started with these simple health tips from and ease yourself into living a healthy lifestyle and avoid serious illness.

Wash the linens.

Especially if you have allergies, dust mites can be major pests to your health. Wash your sheets and pillowcases each week in hot water and tell those dust mites you’re not dealing with them.

Get moving and do some jumping jacks.

Stress is never a positive factor when it comes to your health. So if you feel overwhelmed or just not in the best mood, do 25 jumping jacks to help stop those negative elements in their tracks.

Get a deep sleep and silence your phone.

Your phone will always be there, but you’re chance at health won’t always be. Turn your phone on silent or completely off to avoid waking up after you’ve laid down for bed. Sleep is essential to recharge and be sufficiently ready for a new day.


Go commando.

Ditching your underwear (perhaps overnight) can allow the external genitals to dry and reduce bacteria growth as a result. You’ll be less prone to bladder infection or UTI’s.

Turn down the volume.

 MP3’s and headphones could be the source for your hearing loss overtime. Use the 60/60 rule which suggests listening to music at 60 percent of the max volume for a maximum of 60 minutes a day.

Use carrots as your office snack.

Carrots’ high vitamin A content can help you with maintaining healthy eyes. A half-cup has almost double the amount recommended. So help your eyes out while they’re staring at your work computer and take them to go.

Wear an activity tracker.

It’s proven when people can track their physical activity they tend to do more of it. You can also get together with some friends and have some healthy competition to see who is moving the most. You’ll have fun and get healthy at the same time.

Try these easy and everyday health tips so that you can be on your way to a long and prosperous lifestyle. You don’t want to get bogged down with aching muscles and serious illness during your “golden years.” So plan for the future now and start taking control of your health today.