Now that we know the main signs and symptoms of sugar addiction, we can look deeper into how it affects our brains. Understanding what sugar is really doing to you when you consume it can empower you to make better changes in your life!

Many of us eat sweet, sugary things as treats. We start to condition our brains to see sugar as a reward, and this is what makes us want to keep eating more of it.

The problem, though, is that the more we eat, the more we need. We don’t feel satisfied eating the levels that we used to, so we consume more and more each time. This is a vicious cycle and it means we never truly feel “satisfied” so we’re always looking for something else to give us that feeling.

I hope you can see now how it can be so easy to let things get out of hand!

Don’t forget that sugar also gives us a temporary physical “high”, reinforcing the way we think about it. Sugar drinks might make us feel more energetic for a little while, but the effects quickly wear off, leaving us feeling tired, shaky, or sluggish. Again, we have the vicious cycle that makes us want to turn to more sugar to counteract that negative feeling!

So aside from the serious health problems we mentioned earlier on, we also need to realize that sugar isn’t doing anything for our quality of life. It makes us feel tired after a short burst of energy, and it won’t ever leave us feeling satisfied.

Hopefully you’re now convinced that, if you’re showing signs of sugar addiction, you should cut down on how much you consume.